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Why use a website keyword counter?

There may be a time when you'd like to know a website's word count instead of the number of words in your own writing. That is to say, you want to know the word count for a URL without having to count every word on the website by hand. The Website Word Count is a tool which will take that difficult work away from you. It's a website word counter designed to find out the number of words on any site or page on the Internet. Just copy the URL of the website, paste it into the tool, and you can find out exactly how many words are on that page by hitting the "count words" button. The tool will count the words on the website's page and instantly provide that number to you.

Your Favorite Keyword Density Analysis Tool

The tool has an even better function: it can count the number of keywords on any page you plug in. Once you submit your URL, the website word counter will provide you with a list of the keywords used on the page you request. You'll get a list of the most common keywords on the page, broken down into two sections. The first section lists only important keywords, like the ones typically used to analyze a web page. The second column will list all keywords, ordered by rank, but will include common words (like an, the, is, etc). In essence, the tool provides a great way for keyword counting and keyword density, and can be used to improve SEO on any web site.

The results are valuable in a few different ways. First, translators may be interested in the number of words on a website so they can charge clients by the number of words on the page they are translating, instead of the number of words they write in the translated language or by the time they spend on it. This is another reason that being able to quickly determine the word count of a page is important.

Alternatively, a reader may be curious to know how many words are on the pages of writers, bloggers or other techies they follow. A popular writer may use keyword information if they want to style their writing after a blogger, writer or author. This information may be able to help them build a website or improve their blog in the search engine rankings.

You can also use the word counter on your own website or blog. Once you determine which pages are the most popular on your web site, enter their URLs and discover what number of words seems to perform best with the topics you write about. This can help you write content in the future engages readers and brings more traffic to your website.

For individuals hired to author articles for websites and bloggers, this tool is also very useful. For example, for a writer interested in SEO, they can see the word count and keyword density for popular pages on the Internet on any topic they write about. This information might give them hints on how to better rank their own writing on a particular topic.

Whatever the reason you decide to use this counter, it will provide you with valuable information you can use to improve your writing and the quality of the overall content of blogs and websites the you write.

How is Keyword Density Calculated? The formula to calculate your keyword density on a web page for SEO purposes is ( Nkr / Tkn ) * 100 where Nkr is how many times a keyword is repeated, while Tkn is the total words in the analyzed text. The result of this density calculation is a keyword density value.